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You want us to photograph what?


"A reindeer...well, it's a reindeer mount" said Tim Gorenchan of North Country Legends, a world class taxidermy studio. "It's eight feet tall from the bottom of the pedestal to the top of the antlers...will that be a problem?"


" problem, bring it on in" was my reply. "Can't wait to see it!"


As I mentioned, Tim is a world class taxidermist, an excellent artist in his own right.  His projects always bring a degree of challenge and satisfaction.  Tim uses these photos to secure entrance into taxidermy competitions.


One of the strengths of Genesis Graphics is that we are open to taking on the "odd" or should I say "unique" job, the one that will stretch us a bit.


Tim's attention to detail is apparent in his fine work. Did you pick up on how he can balance the mount in a delicate fashion?  Did you catch his ability to replicate the tundra vegetation?  Can you appreciate the stained picture of Alaska on the back of the mount?


Nice job Tim!


You can see more of Tim's work at


Just as North Country Legends pays special attention to a fine artist should, so it is with Genesis Graphics.


Our attention to detail is what makes our clients look good.  Simply put, "It's what we are about".






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