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Polycarbonate / Aluminum

a composite of sub-surface printed Lexan and aluminum

Another popular sign type is our Polycarbonate/Aluminum Composite.


We began producing these panels a couple of decades ago in order to fill a need for a relatively inexpensive and yet aesthetically pleasing graphic panel which would be outdoor durable.


The sign consists of a .020 polycarbonate sheet sub-surface screen-printed and laminated to an .063 sheet of aluminum.


The velvet finish of the top surface lends a sense of quality to the panel while the over-laminate offers additional UV protection from both weather and vandalism.


The polycarbonate/aluminum panel has proved to be a viable alternative to other more costly sign systems and is available in any size up to 24x36 in.


Polycarbonate panels are most economical when printed in one or two spot colors.  They also would be a product of choice when several copies of the same information are needed.


We have had customers returning to us for a replacement panel after 15-18 years in the field because the original panel had finally worn out.  With longevity like that...we simply call these panels Durable!





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