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File Building & Submission

The Do's Don'ts & How to's

Files should be set up at 100% of their final size. If this is not possible, please use a simple scale and indicate the output scale on hard copies, or in a Read Me document when using the Upload site.


A 1/4 inch bleed must be added to a panel’s perimeter. Borders that run along the edge of the panel should be inset at least 1/2 inch to avoid potential problems when cutting the panel to size.

Text and graphics should be placed at least ONE full inch away from the finished edges.


Include on or with all Transfer Media:

Firm and Designer name

Contact Information


If you are mailing a CD/DVD, please supply us with a hard copy from the files you send us. These hard copies are used to verify all elements on your graphic panels and will not be used for color matching.

Please include on each color hard copy:

File ID name

Finished Panel Size

Quantity Needed


When sending files via upload, please label folder with your company name and/or job name. Create a folder for each panel containing all related print-ready graphics. In addition to the layout file, include all placed images. Do NOT embed graphics. Please provide a JPG’s for each panel to use to verify all elements on your graphic panels.







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