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File Building & Submission

The Do's, Don'ts & How to's

• Images need to be linked in the layout software and NOT embedded. Include all linked images in their panel folder.


• Please include the bleed outside the document set-up area.


• All solid black (type or other vector graphics) in Rich Black (R:0 G:0 B:0).


• Some transparency and shadow effects included in InDesign are not supported. Inform us before using these effects.*


• Please make sure your document setup area is the same size as your final panel size. If you work at half scale, your document set-up area should be half the size of your final panel and twice the DPI.


• To ensure that all files and fonts are included, please use the “File > Package...” settings.


When you package a file, you create a folder that contains COPIES of your InDesign document, any necessary fonts, linked graphics, text files, and a customized report with customer information and printing instructions. Please submit the entire folder.


*When using transparencies and shadow effects, problems occur in color matching and file output. Please provide JPG’s or High Quality PDF’s if using any of these effects.







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